Having fun on the beach all year

Having fun on the bea ...

You do not need a beach towel, sun cream and 29 degrees to have fun on the beach! On the beautiful sandy beaches of Charente Maritime, we can have fun all year…But do what do we do on the beach when we do not wear our swimming clothes.


Take a bowl of fresh air and enjoy the beach in winter and spring.

On the beach, the sand does not disappear inwinter, even if the ambient humidity packs it a little bit more, it is still here, faithful in both summer and winter! The good news is that you do not need to do a pre swimming wear diet, to enjoy the beach during winter or spring. :) Take your sunglasses (as the sunrays reflecting on the sea and sandcan irritate your eyes even in winter) and let’s go for an energizing walk! On the hard sand, the soft sand and for the bravest, the feet in the water to help blood circulationwe walk all year on the beach!

Walking on the beach is the best way to loose those  calorieswhile enjoying an iodised environment, a powerful stimulus of the immune system. It is also the reason why the sanatoriums are often located close to the sea... The quality of air is really good;it would be a shame to walk along the road, since such a healthyenvironment is waiting for you on the beach. Note: if you are not used to it, use shoes, as running bare feet like in "Baywatch" could cause severe injuries on your foot sole, due to the abrasive nature of sand 


To choose the beach for your holidays, check our section devoted to beaches.

If you really want to bathe and the Ocean is really too cold, you can find happiness in the pleasant and hot waters of the regional swimming pools and aqua centers and in particular, the Antilles de Jonzac, open all year, the aquatic centre offers fun for children (and parents too)




Discover sea fishing during your holidays. All year long, from the harbours ofCharente Maritimee.g La Rochelle and Oléron,you can find professionals to share their fishing passion and a pleasant moment at sea. Try a day out with the crew of theOut-Rage 2, from  sea-bream to Bluefin tunathere is enough to fish all year!

Contact Yannick from YD Fishing, from La Rochelle or île de Ré, for a boat excursion!



During your holidays, learn how to navigate! You can learn all year round except during the heavy squalls period. Coastal navigation will have soon no more secrets for you

Find the best advice by contacting Infornav, in La Rochelle. 

Even if the Atlantic Ocean is colder, it remains practicable all year. For a surfing introduction, a few basics or forthe more advancedwishing to obtain great tips amongst the local people, the surfing schools are open and can provide the necessary information! 

savouring the sea

What would be a seaside holidays without the seafood? In Charente-Maritime, obviously we eat seafood and in particular oysters, they are still in season in winter  (even if they can be consumed all year, they are known for being finer during the months with the letter “r”).

Also savour the mussels of the region, served with early / new season potatoes … 


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