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The Vineyard


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The Charente-Maritime produces a local wine, appellation « Vin de Pays Charentais », in the North of Saint-Jean-D’Angely, and on îles de Ré and ile d’Oléron, which has a Protected Geographic Indication (PGI). Dry white, rosé or fruity red, these wines are best served with seafood specialities and local produce.

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If you mention the Charente-Maritime, Cognac and Pineau would come to the mind of any epicurean, these drinks are intimately linked to this territory and are the fruits of ancestral knowledge.

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A worldwide renowned brandy, Cognac, was born during the 17th century and its making process has not changed. Made from a double distillation process, it is then aged in oak barrels where it takes all its aroma and colour. Different blends of vintages create its identity. It is primarily enjoyed as a digestive but it is trendy to mix it with a soda as an aperitif.

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The rosé or white Pineau, have an AOC (Controlled Design of Origin). This delicate drink, born during the 16th century is the result of clever blend of grape juice and Cognac brandy, which is aged in oak barrels. The white Pineau develop flavours of honey and spices while the pink Pineau is fruitier. Rosé or white are best served cool, as an aperitif or with the dessert.