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Oysters Bar/ Seafood Tasting

Looking to share good seafood with your friends and family? You can find all the best addresses here to spend a fun evening and discover the richness of the seafood in Charente Maritime. Share your tastes and knowledge while discovering new aromas while looking at the Ocean.  

Bon appétit in Charente Maritime

Les Copains Bâbord

From April to November, a unique establishment on the Île de Ré for tasting delicious and tasty oysters and seafood ...

3 Chemin du Petit Praud
17630 La Flotte

Phone : 05 46 09 90 87

Cell : 06 62 47 45 96

Huîtres Saveurs Nacrées

Automatic translate Do you want to taste or buy oysters directly from producers ? Want to share a moment with them ...

Huîtres Gautret

Automatic translate Oysters of Fabien Gautret, raised and refined in the Pointe d'Arvert marshes. Fine clear, speci ...

Le Comptoir Saoufé

This small restaurant takes place in the heart of the city center, in an alley overlooking the Old Port. Created ...

Aux Claires du Grand Téger

Automatic translate Les Claires du Grand Téger, it is the combination of the know-how of an oyster farmer refiner, ...

Huîtres Tortillon

We are producers of oysters. All our oysters are refined in our marshes which allows us to market Marennes Oléron oy ...

Boulevard Roger Letellié
17390 La Tremblade

Phone : 05 46 36 37 06

Cell : 06 13 78 37 42

Bar à Huîtres le Mollin par l'Huître de la Pointe

Want some iodized flavors and treat yourself with quality oysters ? Welcome to the Oyster Oyster Oasis Thomas Frè ...

Franck Speisser

Automatic Translate Sale of oysters After being raised in our parks, our oysters are prepared for marketing. Sorte ...

La Ponetère

Automatic Translate Located at Charron, on the mouth of the Sèvre Niortaise, La Ponetère welcomes you from May to S ...

Port du Corps de Garde
Rue du port
17230 Charron

Phone : 06 83 50 24 42

Le Tout du Cru


16 quai Job Foran
17410 Saint Martin de Ré

Phone : 09 52 90 60 00

Le Bout au Vent


Quai Antony Dubois
17370 Saint-Trojan-les-Bains

Phone : 06 86 72 96 52

La Cabane de Manu

Automatic translate La cabane de Manu is located 15 km north of La Rochelle and welcomes you from June to September ...

La Belle des Marais

Automatic Translate DIRECT SALE AT THE BLUE SIREN HUT We look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion wit ...

Route de Daire – La Potane
17560 Bourcefranc le Chapus

Phone : 05 46 85 37 67

Cell : 06 09 59 01 41