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      The Saint-Pallais parish church is built on the site of the Palladius funeral sanctuary, bishop of Saintes in the 6th century. Saint-Pallais Square was still a cemetery until the 18th century. The church had been under the control of the Abbey of the Ladies since its foundation in 1047. The current building, redesigned in the Gothic period, is the result of several construction phases, from the 12th to the 15th centuries.

      The church consists of a nouvef vaulted with ogives which preserves Romanesque parts (lower parts of the walls and some columns and capitals. It is accessed to the west through a portal that housed a sculpture that shows the transition between Romanesque and Gothic art. The nave is followed by a transept on which open on two chapels.

      A lateral bell tower of which only the lower part remains, also from the Romanesque period, rises on the northern arm of the transept. The building ends in the east with a flat wall dating from the early 13th century , opened by a large flamboyant bay and reinforced by important 15th century buttresses.

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Useful information

Location : In town

Province : Saintes and Vals de Saintonge

Location : 13 Rue Saint-Pallais
17100 Saintes


13 Rue Saint-Pallais
17100 Saintes


Phone : 05 46 92 07 21

GPS coordinates

45° 44'42.66"N, 0° 37'27.29"W

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