Oysters/ Mussels / Seafood products in La Tremblade

Huîtres Pléiade Poget

The exquisite special Careful and reasoned production for an "exceptional" oyster. Raised between two terroirs, t ...

Huîtres Tortillon

We are producers of oysters. All our oysters are refined in our marshes which allows us to market Marennes Oléron oy ...

Boulevard Roger Letellié
17390 La Tremblade

Phone : 05 46 36 37 06

Cell : 06 13 78 37 42

Huîtres Coutant

Our company is located in the heart of the Marennes Oléron Basin. For 5 generations, breeding and ripening technique ...

Les Huîtres Paris

Come and discover this typical hut of yesteryear along the La Grève channel at La Tremblade. We will be happy to off ...

Lieu Dit La Greve
Boulevard Roger Letelié
17390 La Tremblade

Phone : 05 46 36 12 61