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Watchtowers at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, whose lights points to the entrance of the harbour and guide sailors home. Unusual monuments to visit, the lighthouses’ attract us by their imposing outlines, their primary functions and, after climbing the steps, their breath-taking views. The Phare de Baleines on île de Ré, Chassiron on île d’Oléron, La courbe forest on the wild coast, Cordouan, at the centre of the Gironde estuary, is the oldest lighthouse in France and the last one in France to have a Lighthouse Keeper. These sea fortresses, for centauries resisting the worst storms, follow the coastline of La Rochelle to the Gironde estuary, and keep the sailors safe. Luckily for us they all can be visited; it can be a bit challenging to get there but they are all worth it! 

Phare de Cordouan


Phare de la Coubre


Phare du Bout du Monde


Tour de Richelieu


Phare du Quai Valin


Phare des Baleines - Île de Ré


Phare de Vallières

96 Rue du Port
17110 Saint-Georges-de-Didonne

Phone : 05 46 05 07 27

Phare des Baleineaux

17590 Saint-Clément-des-Baleines